cb Q: How has hooping changed your life?
How hasn’t it changed my life?? I’ve become fit, confident, outgoing and happy. I wasn’t a natural when I started hooping, so once I mastered it, I learned that with a positive attitude and passion, I can do anything!

Isn’t hooping just for kids?
Hooping has evolved from child’s play into a form of integrative fitness, holistic healing, dance and moving meditation practice. It’s also known as “hoopdance.” It gets compared to yoga a lot, and even pilates. Adults use proportionately-sized heavier hoops that are coverred with tapes to help them “stick.” They make achieving orbit easy, and invite the whole body to dance.

Tell me about the book!
is the Ultimate Guidebook to hoopdance and is the only book on the market about contemporary hooping for adults! It is designed as a resource guide for novice through advanced hoopers and is jam packed with step-by-step instruction for 50 moves, countless exercises, stories of transformation, philosophy, history, nutritional suggestions and resources. It also includes a 50 minute introductory DVD.

What is hoopdance and how is it different than hula hooping?
Hula hooping was the 50’s fad, which involved standing in one place and grating the hips, often with your hands in the air. Hoopdance is a mesmerizing form of dance where you connect every part of your body to the music and your breath. It invites creativity and self-expression. It is a form of fitness but also kind of meditation where you can achieve a sense of one-ness and transcendent bliss.

What are the benefits of hooping? Is it really such good exercise?
Hooping is amazing for building core strength, and it tones the muscles of the abs, thighs, and arms. It boosts cardiovascular endurance and burns up to 600 calories an hour!  It also
unwinds the spine, soothes the nervous system and reduces stress while stimulating the release of endorphins. That’s what causes the radiant joy and childlike playfulness that most people experience. It feels makes you feel exhilarated, youthful and optimistic!

Where can I get one of these adult-size, “sticky” hoops you use?
HoopGirl.com provides professional, custom crafted hoops for all ages and ability levels. We have a variety of styles to suit every need.

Can men hoop too?
YES! There are several men who are leading teachers in the field and are pushing the artistic level of the dance to new levels, often by integrating more linear, percussive and martial arts styles. They blast away the sterotype of hooping being “just for girls”!

You say that hooping is transformational. What do you mean by that?
In addition to blasting calories, hooping shifts your consciousness. The “yes I can” attitude you gain in hooping transfers to even the toughest challenges elsewhere. Many hoopers also talk about developing a sense of flow and of “one-ness” with the world through their hooping practice.

Tell me about the spiritual side of hooping. Is it really a meditation?Many people find that the percussive bump of the hoop against skin induces a hypnotic, trance like state. When you add the gentle pelvic rocking, it soothes the nervous system and allows a shift in consciousness. By intentionally deepening the breath and allowing mental chatter to decrease, hooping can delver a moving meditation as effective as yoga.

And you also claim it boosts your libido?! How?
Hooping floods the pelvic area with blood and stimulates the flow of prana, or chi, through what yogis call the Sacral chakra – an energy center in the body associated with healthy sensuality. You get tingley all over and it feels amazing! By swinging the hips it unlocks tension and creates a sense of freedom and elation which translates to positive body image, courage and playfulness ~ all factors that contribute to an increased sex drive.

So you also have a whole line of DVDs… tell me about them!
My two favorites are Hoopdance For Beginners
and Hoopdance Evolution. Each teaches 20 or more moves in a dance studio and also provides costumed performances for inspiration, along with dance combinations. Both are set to sensual world beat electronic music.

What’s next for HoopGirl?
We’re continuing to expand the movement! HoopGirl has over 350 certified instructors in 12 countries! You can find out more at hoopgirl.com
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