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German edition of the HOOPING book!

Hooping…der bunte Reifen aus unserer Kindheit ist wieder da*! Yes, it’s true, German-speakers, there’s a special edition of the book and DVD translated into your language for your ease and non-stop fun.

Please tell your German friends to run out and pick up a copy.

Next up: the world.

*This translates as, roughly: the colorful wheel of our childhood is back again!

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HOOPING nominated for Hoopie Award!

We’re so excited that the hooping community has nominated our book for one of its highly prestigious awards! The publishing of HOOPING is up for the BEST EVENT THAT PROMOTED HOOPING TO A LARGER AUDIENCE.

We’re honored to share the nomination with other marvelous events such as Michelle Obama’s hooping on the White House lawn.

HoopGirl has also been nominated for OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR!

Please cast your vote for us here before January 22, 2010!

Thanks and hoopy hugs to everyone.

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Hooping as a New Year’s ResoROOtion!

We’re delighted to hear that Aimee Roo has made it a New Year’s resolution in 2010 to learn all the moves in the book! (All the ones she doesn’t already know, which is half of them.)

Aimee is the CEO of the Roo Network, a series of blogs on topics like animal rescue, home renovation, and gardening.

Find out how she’s going to accomplish her HOOPING goal!

Maybe you want to make HOOPING part of your 2010 goals too? Please tell us all about it. We’d love to hear from you.

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HOOPING in TIME magazine!



Hot n' healthy Christabel, shot by Patrick Roddie (

To get in shape for her October wedding, Dawn-Samantha Cahill, 25, a production coordinator in New York City, tried every exercise routine she could think of. But the upended positions that yoga required made her feel self-conscious. Running on a treadmill was a bore. And lifting weights was just too difficult. Frustrated, Cahill started overeating instead of exercising, and her weight, on a petite, 5-ft. 2-in. frame, ballooned to 212 lb.

Cahill was nearly ready to give up, until one day last spring, she discovered a video on YouTube about hula-hooping. “The woman in the video was so sexy, and the moves she was making with a hula hoop were so cool,” Cahill says. “Normally, watching a gorgeous woman like this would make me feel bad. Instead, I wanted to imitate her.”

Read the rest here.

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HOOPING authors represent at SF World Hoop Day

Christabel taught; Ariane (pictured below) learned.Photo by Susanne Friedrich of

Photo by Susanne Friedrich of

Find out more about World Hoop Day. 2009 was the third ever.

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HEALTH mag spreads





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